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If You Are Injured...We Hope your Recovery Starts Here! 

Patients Success Stories

Carlos' Success Story - Accident Injuries helped!

I heard about Hope Chiropractic from my attorney in Ohio.  I got in an auto accident and sought help from the chiropractor due to my pain in my back and bad back posture. 

I have learned the importance of the spine and the importance of visiting a chiropractor and also the importance of a good diet.  ~ Carlos 

Por mi abogado Pena de Ohio. Por accidente de auto. Postura de Espalda y un poco el dolor de espalda.  La Importancia de la columna vertrebral y la importancia de visitar un chiropractic y la importancia de una buena dieta.) ~ Carlos

YK's Success Story - Accident Injuries helped!

Dr Reid has been treating me for a couple of months now due to injuries from a car accident.  I cannot tell you how thankful I am to have found his practice, he is not only treating me but  also educating me on how to continue treatments at home and the effects these injuries are having in my body.  I always feel right at home and always on time.  Thank you Dr Reid! ~YK

Michele P's Success Story - Back & breathing problems helped!

I found Dr. Reid online and he and his staff have not only helped me (TREMENDOUSLY) with my back problems, but they are people whom I trust as friends. My lower back is 100% better and my breathing is even better! I have learned that proper care is essential to a healthy long life. What a blessing! Thanks be to God! ~ Michele P

Frank J's Success Story - General well being/health empowerment!

I love the warm feeling the staff has, Dr. Reid is the best! Very funny and friendly plus he has a lot of great information to share. They truly care about your well being! I have learned the importance of drinking water, stretching, workout, and diet as well. ~ Frank J

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Accident Injury + Wellness Care

“He who has health has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.” – Thomas Carlyle