Patient Success Stories

Patient Success Stories

“My medically needy foster baby has struggled with GI issues since birth. He continuously vomits and has not been able to gain weight. Since Dr. Hope adjusted him, he has not vomited ONCE! We are hopeful that his weight will begin to improve very soon.”  – Jenan B

“I love the warm feeling the staff has, Dr. Reid is the best! Very funny and friendly plus he has a lot of great information to share. They truly care about your well being! I have learned the importance of drinking water, stretching, workout, and diet as well.”  – Frank J

“I found Dr. Reid online and he and his staff have not only helped me (TREMENDOUSLY) with my back problems, but they are people whom I trust as friends. My lower back is 100% better and my breathing is even better! I have learned that proper care is essential to a healthy long life. What a blessing! Thanks be to God!”  – Michele P

“I found Hope Chiropractic online through a health advising website. I started seeking medical help after my first car accident because of serious neck and back pain. My overall wellness has completely improved not only just my neck and back. I was experiencing major depression at the time as well and Dr. Arthur gave me hope and wellness to look forward to. Without coming to Hope Chiropractic, I would never have realized how important your health is. I have gained a better sense of how to take care of my body.”  – Elizabeth E

“Dr. Arthur and his team are super friendly and welcoming- which to me is very important. Dr. Arthur takes plenty of time with me and addresses any questions or concerns I may be having. I get the sense that the whole staff truly cares how I’m feeling.  I’ve been very pleased so far.”  – Jessica M

” I found out about Hope Chiropractic through someone at my church. I had back pain so that is why I sought help from a chiropractor. Since being at Hope Chiropractic, my back pain has improved. I have also learned that you should always go to the chiropractor to maintain your spine.” – Rochelle H

“I look forward to coming to Hope Chiropractic because I know I’ll feel better after I leave. I’ve been coming for more than a year and it has helped me considerably.” – Faye G

“I heard about Hope Chiropractic through my church. I sought help due to ongoing back pain after childbirth. With ongoing treatment there has been significant decrease in pain regarding my back. I learn that I need to have good posture, which would decrease the pain and inflammation that has occurred through the years.” – Hernisha R

“I found out about Hope Chiropractic through some friends of mine and I sought help due to severe pain in my back. Since I started care at Hope Chiropractic, I have less pain in my back and more energy. I have also learned that diet and exercise helps the whole body to feel well.”  – Ken K

“I had learned about Hope Chiropractic from another patient. I was having constant low back issues and wanted to find a doctor who would do more than just adjust me. I wanted to find one who would rehabilitate my spine. Dr Arthur’s philosophy fit the bill! With his knowledge, he developed a rehabilitation plan for me. My low back is no longer in constant pain, my hips are not sore anymore, and I can move better. Because of his care, I am able to do lawn work again. I can exercise and I can even paddle board. Next on my list is to surf again! Dr. Arthur has taught me the importance of spinal health. I believe it to be so important, I had him evaluate my children. It comforts me to know my children are in good hands and are starting their lives as healthy as possible. Thank you Hope Chiropractic!”  – Thuy S

“I was referred by another patient for my neck pain, which was diagnosed as a bulging disc. Hope Chiropractic has educated me on how to manage and treat my issue and on the value of chiropractic adjustments. More importantly, the staff at Hope Chiropractic display a sincere sense of caring and concern for their patient’s well being. I highly recommend chiropractic adjustments and….go to Hope Chiropractic!”  – M. T.

“I found Hope Chiropractic on my medical plan. After numerous visits to various medical facilities, massages and other options, the pain on my left side and upper cerebral area was extremely unbearable. After my first adjustment I felt AMAZING woke up the next morning feeling rejuvenated after a full night’s rest and the neck pain was gone. Couldn’t believe I’ve been living with this pain since February 12,2011. And now finding relief is exceptionally unbelievable.” – Sabita D

” I had a neck pain and was looking for a chiropractor out near my place. I found Hope Chiropractic and called them and I got an appointment immediately. The Dr. checked and adjusted my neck and then I had a massage which after that my pain was 95% gone. From then onwards I was getting adjusted and it helped me a lot. I can get good sleep and have been able to be very active. Dr. Reid is excellent in knowing my problem and helped me in explaining about my spine, about vitamins, exercise and many other things. Me and my husband now are on maintenance program and  the Dr. and his team treats us like a family!! I would definitely recommend my friends!”  – Suma S

“I was referred by my wife who gets chiropractic adjustments and after her experience, I wanted to go get myself adjusted for my back.  When I started, Dr. Reid was excellent in knowing where my problem was and he was quick to get me adjusted. My pain and problem reduced significantly and today I am in maintenance mode. Doc is very kind hearted and has taken care of me and my wife at times when we wanted quick help. He treats us like family. I will refer Hope Chiropractic any day for the best care in chiropractic.”  – Sanjay D

“I found out about Hope Chiropractic through a co-worker. She told me about how much they helped her with her neck/back issues. I had been having severe back pain after an old injury was exacerbated by a work incident and nothing (medicine) helped with the pain so I came here. I am able to move with a lot less pain now, after a few visits I noticed improvements and whenever I missed appointments the pain came back but not to the severity it had been.”  – Alicia M

“Hello, my name is Solomon, and as a patient, I have had wonderful results due to the wonderful staff and support of Dr. Reid. I have had a wonderful experience here. My numbness in my fingers has stopped and I continue to improve and strengthen. I would invite anyone who is experiencing pain or even numbness in their fingers or any back pain, Hope Chiropractic is the place to be. Once again I highly invite all that want to have a lifestyle change when it comes to overall health and wellness; Hope Chiropractic is the #1 choice.”  – Solomon M

“I heard about Hope Chiropractic from my attorney in Ohio. I got in an auto accident and I had bad back posture and pain in my back.  I have learned the importance of spinal column and the importance of visiting the chiropractor and how working on a better diet together with better posture.  Referimiento el Hope Chiropractic por mi abogado el Sr. Pena de Ohio. Debido a un acidente de auto. Postura espalda, entendimiento de mi dolor. La importancia de la colunna vertebral y la importancia de visitar un quiropractico por la ayuda que bradar llevar una bueno dieta en conjunto a una buena postura.”  – Yadidza R

“I heard about Hope Chiropractic from my attorney in Ohio. I got in an auto accident and sought help from the chiropractor due to my pain in my back and bad back posture. I have learned the importance of the spine and the importance of visiting a chiropractor and also the importance of a good diet.  Por mi abogado Pena de Ohio. Por accidente de auto. Postura de Espalda y un poco el dolor de espalda. La Importancia de la columna vertrebral y la importancia de visitar un chiropractic y la importancia de una buena dieta.”  – Carlos L

“I’ve been getting chiropractic care for over 25 years. I’ve been coming to Hope Chiropractic for a few years and love the treatments I get because they are efficient. I feel better after every treatment, dont get headaches, or a stiff neck. Last year I had a pinched nerve in my arm and could not even lift my arm due to the pain I was experiencing. After treatments with Dr. Reid it got better until it was over. My quality of life has improved greatly. Another area is the confidence I have in Dr. Reid and their staff; they are great, professional, with a smile on their face and the most important part is that he prays with me. I love it!!”  – Carla G

“I was in line at Bealls and I mentioned my back hurt and the woman in front of me recommended her chiropractor (Dr. Hope). I have an L4-L5-SI joint issue and the chiropractor I had been seeing since moving to Florida 6 months prior wasn’t helping. I made the switch and have made steady improvements ever since. Less pain, more flexibility, and the ability to exercise has helped me tremendously. And everyone is so nice! I will continue to come to Hope Chiropractic and have referred others as well.”  – Jennifer Z

“I found Hope Chiropractic while jogging the neighborhood. I passed the office several times before my first visit. I had recurring numbness on the back of my arms and legs. My numbness has gone away, my upper back is no longer tight and I am sleeping much better since receiving treatment.” – Chris G

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