Hope Chiropractic Newsletter – August

It’s the time of year when we make our last outings to the beach and our first trips to the shopping centers for school supplies. As summer comes to an end and we begin to prepare for the new school year, don’t forget to prepare for your child’s health as well. Here are some ways we can keep the kiddos happy and healthy and ready to learn:

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September 2015 Newsletter

Happy Fall. 

Did you notice that we had a change of season? If you missed it, Fall just rolled in. For most states, this is a time for cooler weather, the leaves begin to change colors and it’s a time to break out the hats and scarves. Well, we know that in Florida, it’s a little different. I welcomed the change of season when the temperature for my morning … Continue reading

Hope Chiropractic Doctors Reveal 5 Toxic Thoughts about health

Right Thinking Leads to Right Action

Toxic Thoughts are very dangerous for our health. Here are five common ones. Toxic Thought #1 – Headaches are Normal Having a headache maybe common but there are no “normal” headaches.   Headaches are body signals that “something” is wrong. Majority of headaches … Continue reading

Announcing Hope Chiropractic’s Lending Library

We  are very excited to announce the addition of our new lending library. The lending library in the reception area contains a wide variety of books, and a small selection of videos, for patients to checkout. The materials cover health topics ranging from pain relief to diet, pregnancy, natural medicine and so much more.

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